Intel Introduces New Ivy Bridge and Haswell Processors

Intel has now introduced its new range of desktop processors with the new models of Ivy Bridge and Haswell. With this expansion of new processors, Intel seemingly wishes to spread out the availability of its processors to additional markets. The new Haswell processors include the variation of the Core i7.

Intel Logo

Though it’s the third generation of the Core processors, Intel is still introducing the new processors for the Ivy Bridge series. Where on one end the Haswell processors provide plenty of opportunities to manufacturers for benefitting from lower power consumption, the Ivy Bridge gives the benefit of lower costs. Intel clearly indicated towards Ivy Bridge as not leaving the market so soon with the introduction of the fourth generation Core processors. Instead it will now be available for customers who are looking for lower costs.

Microprocessors for i3 and Pentium have also been introduced with the same Haswell architecture and refreshed versions of Core i5, Core i7 and Celeron are also available with both new models of Ivy Bridge and Haswell.

Specifications of the new launches can be seen below in detail:


Source: TechPowerUp! | News Archive