Kingston HyperX T1 Series DDR3-2000 3GB Triple Channel Memory Kit Review

Unfortunately, due to the inherent properties of the motherboard’s BIOS and the CPU, I was unable to check out the Kingston HyperX at DDR3-2000, or attempt to overclock it. I was able to attain timings of 7-7-7-24, looking at all 3GB triple-channel kits, only one DDR3-1600 kit had those timings, none had tighter.

The Kingston HTX heatspreaders look sharp and work well. The memory never got more than barely warm, and usually was cool to the touch. Intel recommends when using six memory modules to use additional memory cooling, but I really don’t think that it would be necessary when using memory with HTX heatspreaders. Triple-channel blew away Dual-channel in every test. The numbers were pretty incredible, which again shows the real performance increase between the Core 2 and Core i7.

I found nothing not to like about the Kingston HyperX DDR3-2000 Triple-channel.

The Kingston HyperX DDR3-2000 3GB Triple-channel kit sells for $169.99 at my favorite online retailer, one of two 3gig triple-channel kits, both costing basically the same. Less than a year ago, a dual-channel 2GB kit of HyperX cost over $500! I guess the question is whether the extra cost for DDR3-2000 (or DDR3-1866 for that matter) is worth it if you don’t have an i7 Extreme Edition 965, which at this time is the only way you can attain DDR3-2000. That is a question you will have to answer yourself. I consider this a fine memory kit, I really like the HTX heatspreaders, and if the answer to the question is yes, I highly recommend this memory kit. gives the Kingston HyperX T1 Series DDR3-2000 3GB Triple-Channel Memory kit a 9 out of 10 score.

– HTX heatspreaders look sharp and are very effective
– Attained timings of 7-7-7-24

– You must have an i7 Extreme Edition 965 to run memory at DDR3-2000 (not Kingston’s fault)

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