Kingston SSDNow V-Series 128GB Solid State Drive Review


After doing a few hard drive reviews we have come up with 4 hard drive benchmarking programs we like to use here at ThinkComputers, they are HDTune, ATTO Disk Benchmark, CrystalDiskMark and Sandra’s Physical Disks benchmark. For comparison we will be testing the V-Series drive against the OCZ Vertex 32GB drive we recently reviewed, which is based off the Barefoot SSD controller from Indilinx and a Seagate Barracuda 160GB SATA drive. We decided to include the SATA drive to show the benefits of upgrading to a SSD drive.

First up is HDTune, which tests the average read and access time of the drive.


The drive performs as advertised, right around that 100MB/s bandwidth read speed. Next up we have the ATTO Disk Benchmark which measures transfer rates across specific lengths.


Once again the V-series drive performs very well posting speeds of 121MB/s read and 92MB/s write. Sandra’s Physical Disks benchmark is another benchmark that will test the drive bandwidth and access time.


Once again very good speeds, notice the access time compared to the regular SATA drive. Finally we finish up our testing with CrystalDiskMark. CrystalDiskMark which has a sequential read / write test as well as a 512k and 4k random read / write test. The 4k test should show us the limitations of the JMicron controller.


As you can see the speeds compared to the OCZ Vertex drive are slower, this shows the limitations of the JMicron controller, that is why many newer more expensive SSD drives are coming with either the Intel or Barefoot controllers.


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