Know The Differences Between Air Traffic Control Simulator And Flight Pilot Simulator

Aviation is a growing industry, and many people continue to grow interested in an aviation career. To successfully train aviation students, developers created training tools to mimic the experience to practice the skills and techniques effortlessly. This part is where simulators came into the picture. Simulators helped aviation students to practice their skills and become acquainted with different aircraft. Many people have attested that simulation of any kind is the fastest learning route out there. They are highly realistic and can help you learn, practice, and strengthen your knowledge and skills economically. However, many people don’t know the difference between an ATC simulator online game and a flight simulator. If you’re one of those, you’re not alone. Find out the difference between these two simulator types below.

Air Traffic Control Simulator

An ATC simulator online is a great simulator solution for air traffic controllers and airport controls. It is a fantastic training aid for ground controllers and air traffic controllers. This 3D simulator helps airport terminal operators to develop the skills needed to carry out day-to-day operations. This game simulates an emergency scenario to help players learn how to manage such situations successfully. In an Air traffic control simulator, players get acquainted with different airports and airport towers.

You don’t get to control the planes or have a view of the planes. Instead, in an ATC simulator online game, players communicate information and instructions to pilots. You will play an Air traffic controller’s role and guide various aircraft as they take off and arrive. Your job in an air traffic control simulator is to keep airplanes safe in the airspace, provide efficient routes and help them land successfully. Air traffic control simulators aim to help players learn how to make the right decisions in different conditions to not jeopardize the aircraft. Players also learn how to use the right aviation terms and techniques with an ATC simulator online.

Flight Pilot Simulator

A flight pilot simulator is very different from playing an ATC simulator online. It is the right simulator for pilots who would like to learn how to fly an aircraft without the dangers. This simulator is for training pilots, and it does this by simulating various flight conditions. This training tool will help players get familiar with various airplanes before they have to undergo flying. A flight pilot simulator reproduces a cockpit and other scenery to make the experience very realistic. Different scenarios are available in a flight pilot simulator. You can learn bird strikes, how to deal with engine failures, or ride through bad weather conditions.

While there is nothing like actually being behind a control wheel, a flight pilot simulator can give aspiring pilots a sense of what flying is like. A flight pilot scenario shows you the inside of an airplane like the cockpit, while an air traffic control gives you a view of an airport and various airplanes. It will help pilots improve navigation abilities and also learn flight rules. Most flight pilot simulators allow you to choose your airplane and airport. You can learn how to plan flight paths, recognize stopping points, and learn how to take-off and land.