LaCie 1TB Hard Disk by Neil Poulton


Testing an external hard drive really is not that hard at all. Inside of the LaCie enclosure is a Samsung 7200 RPM drive. Since this drive only has a USB connection we are limited by that speed. We tested the drive with Sandra’s Physical Disks benchmark as well as HDTune. Here are those results…




The drive performed very well and I also noticed it was very quite when in operation. We usually get around 30-40MB/s read on USB-connected hard drives on our test system.

Final Thoughts

Neil Poulton has done another great job designing a very unique and stylish external hard drive. He has also designed many of their other hard drives as well, that’s probably why they are so unique. When you are looking for an external hard drive there are usually 2 factors that come into play, connections and style. Although this drive only has the single USB connection it does have a lot of style and you probably are not going to find another drive like it.

As far as performance goes it is what you would expect out of a USB-connected hard drive. I’m not sure if it was because the drive was refurbished but there was no backup software included. If you want to buy the drive refurbished has it for $89.99, if you want it brand new you can get it direct from LaCie for $114.99. So either way it is a pretty good deal.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the LaCie 1TB Hard Disk by Neil Poulton a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small


– Great Design
– Easy to setup
– Does not look like any other drive out there


– Only a single USB connection
– No backup software


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