CRU DataPort SecureDock Review

[ad#review1053-top]Hard drive enclosures are generally something cheap, mobile, and entirely insecure. A passerby in a lab, office, or other location with a computer with potentially privileged information could easily open a computer, extract the hard drive, and make off with the data. It’s even easier if the hard drive is an external. The CRU DataPort SecureDock attempts to address this. Combining a proprietary enclosure connector format, a locking enclosure dock, and a token, the DataPort SecureDock aims to beef up the security of an external hard drive. ThinkComputers has the review.

Features & Specifications

Encryption Data
– Available in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128
– AES 128 is Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) approved
– Encrypts entire HDD – including boot sector, OS, temp and swap files
– Encryption Key is stored apart from unit so data is protected if unit is lost or stolen
– High-Speed hardware processor encrypts/decrypts at full operation speeds (up to 3Gb/s)
– Encryption Engine Performs Self-test to check for problems
– LEDs Indicate Encryption Error Checking and Power/Drive Activity
– Most units include three identical pre-coded Security Keys
– AES Key Programmer, hand-held key progtammer, sold separately
– Additional blank and pre-coded Security KeyOs available, sold separately
– Additional Security Key lanyards available, sold separately

Compatibility Data
– Compatible with any capacity SATA 3.5″ hard drive
– Compatible with existing (non-encrypted) SATA DataPort 10 Drive Carriers

– USB 2.0 and eSATA Host Interface
– USB cable, eSATA cable and power supply included
– Rugged Metal Design For Ultimate Data Protection
– Patented Temperature Controlled Cooling System regulates fan speed
– LEDs show Power, Drive activity and Security Key status
– High durability connectors rated for over 30,000 insertions
– Audible fan failure alarm
– Ultra-quiet Vapo Bearing MagLev (Magnetic Levitation System) cooling fan
– Supports DataPort 10 Secure and DataPort 10 (non-encrypted) SATA hard drive carriers
– Transfers data at the fastest rates supported by USB 2.0 & eSATA interfaces:
– USB 2.0 = up to 480Mb/sec
– eSATA = up to 3Gb/sec
– 1-Year Warranty
– CE, RoHS

– Dimensions*
6.8 W x 11.1 L x 2.4 H (inch)
172 W x 282 L x 61 H (mm)
* Dimensions are for reference only


Our CRU DataPort SecureDock arrived in a non-descript white box. The device is packed in cardboard, and its many manuals and cables provide some cushioning during shipping.

CRU DataPort SecureDock CRU DataPort SecureDock

The included items are the enclosure, a Dataport cage, power supply, power cord, USB cable, eSATA cable, eSATA expansion backplane, SATA cable, unlocking keys, screws, and the security tokens.

CRU DataPort SecureDock


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