Saturday, August 18, 2018

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CRU-DataPort ToughTech Duo Review

If you are traveling and want reliable storage there are many options, but what if you want storage that is going to last and be able to take a beating.  Many professional photographers need storage that is redundant and can withstand the elements that they are in.  If they have that one perfect photo saved and the hard drive dies they could be in serious trouble.  Today we are taking a look at the ToughTech Duo from CRU-DataPort.  This hard drive enclosure can fit two 2.5-inch hard drives and has RAID support.  Read on as we take a look.

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Unboxing the CRU-DataPort ToughTech Duo

Today we are doing our 50th unboxing! Thanks everyone for following us since we have started doing these videos! Today we are taking a look a the CRU-DataPort ToughTech Duo, which is a portable hard drive enclosure that is meant for two 2.5-inch hard drives. It offers firewire, USB and eSATA connectivity and features easy to setup RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations via the LCD on the front of the unit. Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video!


CRU DataPort SecureDock Review

Hard drive enclosures are generally something cheap, mobile, and entirely insecure. A passerby in a lab, office, or other location with a computer with potentially privileged information could easily open a computer, extract the hard drive, and make off with the data. It's even easier if the hard drive is an external. The CRU DataPort SecureDock attempts to address this. Combining a proprietary enclosure connector format, a locking enclosure dock, and a token, the DataPort SecureDock aims to beef up the security of an external hard drive. ThinkComputers has the review.

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