Lambda Labs & Razer Announce The World’s Most Powerful Laptop For Machine Learning

Lambda is joining hands with Razer to bring to us the new Lambda Tensorbook. This will be the world’s most powerful laptop which has been designed specifically for deep learning. The laptop will feature Linux as well as Lambda’s own deep learning software. The Lambda notebook will come with the Lambda GPU Cloud installed which will give engineers all the necessary software tools and the performance which they require to work on and develop deep learning models locally.

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Ever since the company launched in 2012, it has become quite prominent as the deep learning infrastructure provider catering to the needs of the world’s leading research and engineering teams. These teams work on several extensive projects related to different fields of engineering. The GPU clusters provided by Lambda along with their servers and workstations are used for training purposes in cancer detection, autonomous aircraft, drug discovery, self-driving cars, and many others.

Most ML engineers don’t have a dedicated GPU laptop, which forces them to use shared resources on a remote machine, slowing down their development cycle. When you’re stuck SSHing into a remote server, you don’t have any of your local data or code and even have a hard time demoing your model to colleagues. The Razer x Lambda Tensorbook solves this. It’s pre-installed with PyTorch and TensorFlow and lets you quickly train and demo your models: all from a local GUI interface. No more SSH!

— Stephen Balaban, CEO and co-founder, Lambda

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All around the world, thousands of organizations and businesses use Lambda. These include the world’s top five tech companies including MIT, Caltech, and the Department of Defense. You might be wondering that such a machine would be sturdy looking but surprisingly the laptop has high performing hardware which looks extremely elegant. This is provided by Razer whereas the graphics are powered by NVIDIA’s RTX 3080. The notebook is an out of the box solution with the software environment fully installed by Lambda. The software features the Ubuntu Linux which comes along with the Lambda Stack which ensures that extensive workloads are not disturbed regardless of the location.

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Additionally, the Tensorbook is compatible with TensorFlow, PyTorch, cuDNN, CUDA, and other ML frameworks and tools. There are customization options available on the Lambda website but the basic model starts at $3,499.