Laptop vs Desktop: Which One is Better if You’re Living in a Condo?

We’re guessing that you just moved into your new condo, or you are one of the condo tenants that recently transitioned to work from home setup. And now, you are finding it hard to answer one of the hardest questions of the “pandemic” generation: laptop vs. desktop for my small space?

Knowing the answer will be easier by considering some factors that may help you rationally choose between a desktop or a laptop computer.

Most people think that for condo living, the logic would be to buy laptops to save space since desktops are big. But wait! Don’t press that “Buy” or “Add to Cart” button until you’ve read this!

Get a desktop for your condo if you value performance over portability.

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Desktops make more sense if your work requires more performance. For example, a desktop with similar parts as a laptop works faster and smoother and, often than not, comes cheaper than a laptop’s comparatively high price tag.

You may get a laptop with the same processor as the desktop with the promise of portability. Still, its performance would not be the same without the desktop’s other components contributing to a faster and smoother experience.

Laptops are said to be of the best of both worlds of power and portability. Just connect it to a bigger screen with HDMI, and you’re ready to go! But, the truth is, high-performing laptops are big and bulky, and they defeat the purpose of being portable.

Using a desktop means staying at your desk, but with a desktop, you can still buy an inexpensive laptop if you think there are times you will need mobility around your condo.

You can still make space for a laptop despite just the right way of planning your space! One advantage of condo living is you can easily decorate and plan your space without needing too much cost, unlike apartments or residential houses.

Get a laptop for your condo if you want to save space.

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Laptops are for on-the-go users and also if you want to save space around your condo. These portable desktops usually have hours of battery life combined with performance and are powerful enough for work from home.

Though some may have relatively higher prices than desktops, laptops can be used on a bigger screen using HDMI connectors or NFC or Airplay. Then, plug your laptop in, and you’re all set, which is helpful for those with limited space in their condo units but with a television in the living room area.

One benefit of having a laptop is having the chance to tweak and customize your working desk’s design and layout. However, most think that with a laptop, you can work anywhere in your house.

Working from your bed or near your resting haven may not lead to a boost of productivity. But, if you need more ideas, see more ways of styling your work-from-home set up to increase your daily productivity and efficiency!

Choose Wisely

If you are always in front of your computer and don’t usually move around the house except for occasional breaks, a desktop would be the better choice, considering its price tag and faster performance. In addition, you can upgrade, repair, and customize at a lower cost.

But, if you do not need a powerful laptop and are leaning towards saving more space in your unit, you should go for a laptop instead.

Choosing between a desktop or laptop should be depending on how long you use it and for which purposes.

The size of your condo unit doesn’t play a crucial role in your decision unless you have your things around the place. Instead, proper planning and having the right ideas for your setup are more important to maximize productivity and efficiency.

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