Latest NVIDIA Driver is Apparently Killing GPUs

NVIDIA’s latest driver release, 364.72 apparently is plagued with issues and apparently has even been killing gamer’s GPUs! Reports of issues with this specific driver have been all over the GeForce Forums, Reddit, and many other forums.


If you happen to own an NVIDIA graphics card we would urge you to not download this driver and wait for a fix, which we suspect NVIDIA will release soon. Users have been reporting their systems failing to boot, crashing, blue screens, gray & green screen artifacting, flickering, visual corruption, freezing, Gsync issues, DSR scaling issues, and there is even reports of GeForce GTX graphics cards dying after driver installation. Here are some screencaps from the GeForce Forums:








And here is a report from Reddit:

[PSA] WARNING: AVOID 364.72 (march 28) LIKE THE PLAGUE – it’s bricking cards left and right – and rollbacks are not working.

I’m not being hyperbolic here – there are hundreds of posts on reddit and the nvidia forums of people saying the latest driver update is bricking hardware. i’ve now seen multiple pics of people’s screens after the update, and it looks just like what happened to me.

I am NOT a hater on nvidia – i’ve got a shield and I literally use it every day – gamestreaming is almost the only way i consume gaming content now, but right now nvidia has seriously shit the bed on this one.

Hold out for the next driver.

EDIT: YES, MOST USERS WILL PROBABLY NOT HAVE PROBLEMS. It wouldn’t have gotten out of beta if it was a majority issue right? but do you want to risk your system being in that 1%?

Drivers should not brick hardware – at the worst, a rollback should resolve things. if this is happening to any number of systems, something is wrong.

EDIT 2: It looks like the entire 364* series of drivers is borked. I would just stay away from all of them. Also, RIP inbox 🙁

Now if you are experiencing any of these issues you could try using a driver removal tool like the Display Driver Uninstaller and installing your driver in safe mode. And if you haven’t installed the latest NVIDIA driver I would definitely hold off!

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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