Learn 5 Big Benefits Of Printing Your Campus ID Cards Internally

A big part of keeping a secure campus is issuing identification cards, not just to faculty and staff, but also students. ID cards are what security personnel can use to quickly figure out if a person actually belongs in a building or a particular part of your campus.

Students find that campus ID cards help their daily routine be convenient and easy. From keyless entry into their dorms to dining hall meal payments, it’s easy to see some of the benefits of smart ID cards.

However, for a lot of educational establishments, there’s no question whether campus ID cards are advantageous or not. For them, the real debate is whether or not they should invest in an internal ID card printer or outsource the work to a third-party provider off-campus.

While there are certainly benefits to outsourcing, being able to print campus ID cards internally provides quite a few advantages in terms of security, efficiency, cost, and convenience. Keep reading to learn what 5 of them are.

1) Issue And Replace Campus ID Cards Faster:

If you have an on-campus ID card program, then you have the power to issue ID cards efficiently and promptly to students, staff, and faculty. You’ll even be able to replace any damaged or lost cards instantly. There won’t be any more waiting for an off-campus provider who needs time to print and then mail out replacement cards. The capability to issue your own on-campus cards is also especially handy when your school has any visiting professors or substitute teachers.

2) Enjoy Full Control Over Both Design And Production:

When you have your own equipment on-campus, you get full control over all facets of both the design and then production of the ID cards your establishment uses. That means you get to change the card designs as you see fit, but you can also scale your production up and down as you need to.

3) Benefit From Increased Security:

Since your cards will get made on-campus, you’ll eliminate any possibility of your ID cards getting lost in the postal mail, since that’s always a risk when you order ID cards from third-party providers. You’ll minimize the exposure of private cardholder information since you’ll tightly supervise ID production in-house.

4) Upgrade Or Add ID Functionality:

If the needs of the student body change, you’ll easily and quickly be able to upgrade or add functionality to the ID cards. That might be things like payment functions, attendance tracking, and access control, among many other things.

5) Save Money Over Time:

Since an on-campus ID card program cuts out the middleman, you’ll wind up saving money in time. There might be a variety of other administrative expenditures you can eliminate safely in times of tight budgets, but ID cards always prove indispensable, given the crucial role they serve in keeping your campus safe.

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