Top 5 Tech Gadgets for Medical Professionals

Being a medical professional nowadays is quite different than it once was. Everything’s changed, and we’re not just talking about how today’s men’s scrubs look. We’re talking big changes; unprecedented changes, in fact. And many of these changes are due to modern technology.

Technology has changed day-to-day life in so many ways. And it’s not just your average person who has benefited; technology is also making a serious impact on the healthcare industry. Here are just a few of the fabulous gadgets tech savvy medical professionals today can utilize.

  1. Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope

This stethoscope is the smallest and most powerful stethoscope in the world. It’s the perfect stethoscope for tech-savvy medical professionals.

  1. The GE Vscan Extend Portable Ultrasound

This is a small, handheld ultrasound system. It has a similar user experience to the smartphone; it has apps, and its touchscreen.

  1. Sanitizing Wand

A portable sanitizing wand can eradicate germs, allergens and bacteria. It can be used on any hard surface.

  1. A Portable Speech-to-Text Transcriber

Skip the painstaking notetaking with this transcriber. All you need to do is talk it out, and whatever you say about the patient you’ll have on record. No more aching hands ever again.

  1. Infrared Thermometer

An infrared thermometer allows you to take your patient’s temperature without the need to even touch his or her body with the thermometer. It makes taking a patient’s temperature a totally painless task.

All of these devices are smart products that allow savvy medical professionals to complete tasks more efficiently than ever before.

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