Learn Everything You Need To Know About the Tinder Ban

When Tinder does not allow people who do not follow its rules, it is called a Tinder ban. If Tinder bans a person, he loses his matches, chats, and everything connected to this app. And in this condition, he fails to utilize his account. Commonly, a Tinder ban is considered an exclusive way to stop people from using the application due to their actions. And if anyone does not follow the rules of Tinder, he is kicked out of the app.

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The Permanency of a Tinder Ban

Though Tinder bans are permanent, people can use some options to regain their access to this application. Hence, they look for ways how to get unbanned from Tinder. Tinder gives huge importance to user safety, and it takes violations against its policies strictly. And it means Tinder will ensure people that they cannot get back to the platform when it has their information. And if anyone chooses to delete his account voluntarily, Tinder will retain his data for three months.

And when the matter zeroes on banning accounts, then Tinder is found to be dealing with user data differently. Tinder continues to retain people’s data for one year after it has been banned. It is still unsure which and when particular data Tinder would remove from its system.

Getting Unbanned From Tinder

If a person gets banned from Tinder for good, he thinks of the options that he ought to take to recover it. Recovery seems to be possible only when Tinder ends up making an error in disabling or blocking a person’s account. A step-by-step guide that Tinder can take for lifting bans quickly is:

A person can appeal his Tinder account ban – People ought to use that specific device on Tinder that they have used before as well as connect from the same mobile network or WiFi they commonly use. This way, Tinder can verify that they are the people who use this account. So it will not ask any additional questions. Whenever people appeal a Tinder ban, they need to be calm and composed rather than becoming irritated.

Wait for the response – After people submit their appeal, they ought to wait for a response patiently. As the support team receives lots of appeal requests, it might take some time to review their case. Though no one loves to wait, it is vital to remain calm and rely on the appeal process.

Allow Tinder to rethink a ban – If the support team of Tinder replies that it will not lift the ban, people can appeal one more time to lift the ban. It can do this by putting stress on their commitment to follow the guidelines as well as proposing more context on a particular situation. At times, it turns out to be the last chance for people to become unbanned from Tinder; hence, they ought to be extra careful.


Getting a Tinder ban is a very common thing, but it does not mean it is the end of the world, as most of the time, a Tinder ban does not emerge as a permanent ban. The chances of getting a Tinder account unbanned are dependent on the reason for which a person has become banned from Tinder.

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