Lenovo Announces Legion 9000K With 12th Gen Core Alder Lake CPU

Lenovo happens to be the first ever company to announce a gaming PC with an Intel Alder Lake processor.

Legion 9000K hero 1

Legion 9000K desktop PC features Intel Alder Lake CPU and comes with PCIe Gen5 and DDR5 support. The company, though did not mention Intel directly in their marketing picture but revealed that their Legion 9000K 2022 PC will be featuring a 12th Gen CPU.

The Legion 9000K 2022 is designed to support DDR5 memory along with PCIe 5.0. which means it likely ships with an Intel Z690 motherboard. The marketing slide features GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPU, so it is certain that this is not a PCIe Gen5 product. As Gen5 SSDs have not been released in the market so far, so this feature is of no use probably until and unless there is an availability of products of such kind.

Legion 9000K

According to the reports of ITHome, Legion 9000K 2022 will be available for preorders from October 29th. Preorders of Intel Alder Lake-S processors will also start by this time. However, the systems will not be dispatched to the customers before November 4th, which is the official launch date of the product.