Lenovo Looking to Purchase MSI’s Gaming Notebook Business

MSI is one of the leaders when it comes to gaming notebooks. Their designs are used by many companies (CyberPowerPC & Origin PC) and they are the first choice when it comes to gamers looking for a gaming laptop. According to a recent report, the world’s leading PC manufacturer Lenovo is interested in acquiring MSI’s gaming notebook branch.

MSI Gaming Notebook

Over the years Lenovo has tried to produce many different gaming products but they really failed to impress or gain traction. Their most recent gaming products under the Lenovo brand are the high-end IdeaPad Y70 Touch gaming notebook and the budget friendly IdeaPad Z50.

According to the report Lenovo is looking to grow and strengthen its gaming notebook business and acquiring MSI will certainty help them in that area. MSI has not yet turned town the offer as of yet.

While MSI is leading the pack when it comes to gaming notebooks companies like Dell, ASUS, and Acer have been developing gaming notebooks for the market and could bring serious competition to MSI. So the idea of selling off the notebook business might not be such a bad idea.

Source: DigiTimes | News Archive

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