LG’s 55-inch Curved OLED TV Starts Shipping Soon

LG Electronics Inc. is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics. It competency can be judged by its latest innovation.

Yes, the waiting gets over and the words are about to take a picture. LG in April announced that it will soon be launching its 55 inch curved OLED 3D TV. Now it seems the time has come. According to the press release shipments of 15 million display panels will start off in a couple of days. The model that is just ready to take your breath away is the LG’s EA9800 curved OLED.


According to its specs its 4.3mm depth results in a weight of 17kgs courtesy the carbon-fiber unbreakable frame. Similar to the IMAX theatre screen, the edges of this OLED panel are curved towards the viewer to provide a better life-like feeling with astoundingly clear images. It will come with the cinema 3D support and WRGB technology, imagine watching your favorite program on a 55inch 3D curved OLED; would not that be a treat?

The purpose of making a curved screen is to keep all parts of the panel on an equal distance from the viewer. This unusual shape will certainly prove to give you the best TV experience so far and is being considered the first curved ergonomic display with 3D cinema support. It encloses thin transparent film speakers in the crystal clear stand providing maximum high-quality sound.

Pricing and shipping dates is still an untold story, but LG Flat 55inch OLED price is set at $12,000 so you can have a rough assumption how much a curved OLED of same screen size will cost.

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Source: Engadget | News Archive