Intel to Pay 75% More for Internet TV Programming Deals

The question is which company will be the one to reinvest in televisions? Since we all know for a fact that this will happen someday. But the waiting is indefinite. Will it be Apple? Microsoft?, Intel?. Earlier this year Intel confirmed that it will sometime soon be shipping some type of set-top box to introduce its pay-TV and the whole living room experience but we have not heard much since then. Isn’t that right? The pay-tv operators are being really inflexible. Hurdles are in the way of progress and innovation due to the huge amount of fear involved in changing to the slightest.

Intel TV

According to the latest reports, Intel is making progress and improvement. Executives working on the Intel TV offerings are providing rates up to 75% higher than the traditional cable operators. Sources educate us that Intel wants to enter the market as a new comer and it’s a fact that content providers usually charge more from operators who have a smaller user base. It is also said that this aggressive move by Intel may affect the pricings of other cable TV and satellite providers. For your surprise uptill now Intel hasn’t made a single deal.

CBS, news corp. and Viacom are in contact with Intel on how things would be distributed but negotiations are still being believed on early stages. Intel is believed to be presenting an offer somewhere around $7.72 to $9 per subscriber to make sure that all main TV providers grab the deal.

While conciliations are still going on it is expected that the Intel team will show up with their Intel Cable by the end of 2013.

Source: Reuters | News Archive