ASMedia Preparing USB 3.5 10Gbps Standard

In past, as we know for a fact that ASMedia USB3.0 was such a successor of its time. It really took a boost in the PC market also ASMedia had been the main provider of USB 3.0 controller chips for a long time since the other chip manufacturers like Intel and AMD took some time to locally combine USB 3.0 into their chipsets.

Once again, the ASMedia is all geared up to rock the market with its latest USB 3.5 offering a bandwidth of 10GBps level and is scheduled to be available in 2014 as mentioned by the company’s president. It has transmission speed comparable to that of thunderbolt but will be available at much affordable prices. USB 3.5 will certainly have more opportunity in the market for SSD applications. It will continue the tradition of providing maximum high power for device charging, retaining compatibility with the previous USB standards.


It seems when the ASMedia 3.5 USB will hit the market, thunderbolt will have to face a tough competition and that might put its sale in jeopardy.

The new USB standard is also expected to boost up the power supply with device compatible to consume up to 100W. This means that a laptop would be able to power a monitor as we sat at CES earlier this year.

Source: | News Archive