Digital Storm Launches Virtue Gaming PC

The Haswell line has a new competitor in the market. This time its Digital Storm’s turn to roll the dice. Its announicg its latest product based on Intel’s latest platform called the “Virtue”. What we have seen through the released pics is that it gives a very compact look and every angle makes you fall in love with it.

Digital Storm Virtue

Virtue comes in a very manageable size i.e. 17.7”x8.3”x17.3”, easily enclosing a full length graphic card and space for a collection of storage devices.With its compressed size, it can fit anywhere even in the tightest of the places with ease. It caters well to the users who want high performance packed PC which they can easily move anywhere.

Coming down to its cooling and ventilation system, it comes with a superior cooling system with support of up to 5 fans and a 240mm based liquid cooling system. It can easily cool this most challenging high performance hardware. Not only this its easy to upgrade as well supporting 2 hard drives, 4 SSDs. Large thumbscrews are prominent on the outer case which makes its accessible to install hardware and remove side panels.

Having a look of the exterior, we cant stop ourselves from saying that its truly a stunning beauty with brushed aluminum front panel and spacious side window. This elegant pc is actually setting standards of how mid-tower gaming PCs should be like.

Prices start at $1,448 with an Intel Core i5 4570 processor and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 graphics card. For more pricing details please visit the Virtue product page.

Source: Digital Storm | News Archive