LG Brings Ubitus’ GameNow Cloud Gaming to Smart TVs

As we all know for a fact that these days “The Cloud” is becoming really popular and a vital part of gaming culture. LG following the footsteps of keeping up with the demands of the users has announced a cloud gaming solution in collaboration with Ubitus which will arrange “GameNow” cloud gaming service onto your next generation smart TVs.


GameNow will be available on LGs latest collection of smart TVs while customers who will buy a compatible model in the U.S will be able to explore through the exciting library of AAA games. LG (life’s good), as the brand name indicates itself that the company’s target is to provide customers with the maximum home entertainment, every time providing with a new experience of life.

With the utilization of GameNow gaming technology, users would be able to experience blockbuster video games on demand without actually buying a gaming console. Both LG and Ubitus are claiming console-quality graphics.

LG has stepped down in the field just at the right time when Microsoft (Xbox one) and Sony (PS4) are announcing their latest gaming consoles. Besides there also a plenty of low cost Android gaming consoles entering the market which means the game lovers will have ample options to choose from.

For the curious, LG will make available some of the blockbuster titles like Batman Arkham City and Street Fighter X Tekken in their next generation TVs. We know too well that you just can’t wait to get one of these in your homes.

Details on pricing have not yet been confirmed. Do visit us again to further updates on pricing and release dates.

Source: PR Newswire | News Archive