Apple Considering 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch iPhone Models

According to the latest rumors, Apple is considering launching a 4.7-inch and a 5.7-inch iPhone models as soon as in 2014 also along with a $99 model in a range of different plastic colors. The media outlet mentions that the decision is yet to be taken but at the same time Apple wants to gain back the share from its tough competitor Samsung. We already know that Samsung has a huge contribution in boosting the mobile industry and becoming a leading cellular manufacturer. Basically Apple here wants to contest with Samsung’s line of Galaxy Note and their other inexpensive phones by offering similar screen sized phones and their low priced $99 model with plastic body (none of them which Apple currently makes).

Large iPhones

Apple has been slightly indifferent when it has come to big smartphones, since they believe in the fact that the device should come in a size that is easily accessible by one hand but here we are talking about 4.7 and 5.7-inches, which is way too difficult to operate using single hand. So we really aren’t sure whether the consideration would get a picture or not.

Likewise a low-priced phone is also being dreamt about. According to the sources the launch may slip out in 2014. If so, it will come in plastic casing rather than the traditional metal and glass look. It will be offered in 5-6 colors having a price tag of $99.

So let’s not get too excited here since the sources say that they are still unsure whether Apple would proceed with these considerations.

Source: Reuters | News Archive