500 Million PCs To Ship In 2013

We thought the PC market was on a verge of getting redefined since the IDC forecasted a 1.3% decline in PC shipments which was supposed to be accompanied by a steady increase but it didn’t. The IDC expects the PC market to go down by 7.8% this year and 1.2% in the year 2014. Expectations are it won’t jump back till 2015. But this does not mean that the PC market is dying. It just needs to redefine.


Interestingly more market predictions are being heard out. Canalys is giving a totally different picture this time presuming that PC market sales have taken a rise. Canalys says that PC market will experience a 7% year-over-year growth i.e. from 459.6 million in 2012 to 493.1 million, which nearly makes half a billion in 2013. It is expected that in the 2017 the shipments of PC might increase to 713.8 million. Wow!


Viewing last year statistics, Canalys lists that 111 million of desktop units were shipped last year, while shipped notebooks were 234 million and tablets at 114.6 million. This year both notebooks and desktop shipments will drop to 205.6 million and 105 million respectively, while tablets will enjoy the first place at 182.5 million.

If Canalys predictions turn out to be true by the year 2017 then the sales of PC will totally take a new dimension. Tablet shipments will take a boosting rise to 456.1 million while desktops and notebooks will dip down to 85.8 million and 171.9 million respectively.

Source: Canalys | News Archive