Seagate Unveils New 4TB NAS Hard Drive

On Tuesday Seagate introduced a new hard drive which is specifically made for NAS (network attached storage) installations. NAS is considered to be one of the most reasonably priced centralized storage solutions for small office networks and homes. But since most NAS devices do not come with drives, Seagate did the honors of taking a step further announcing its Seagate NAS HDD.

Seagate NAS Hard Drive

The NAS HDD will be offered with a storage capacity of 4TB. Each 4TB is capable of stocking up to 819,000 photos, 1 million songs and almost 500 hours of high definition video. It will operate in NAS boxes with one to five bays (making 20TB of storage capacity). Enclosed in a design that is not only mild on vibration but also consumes less power and almost functions silently. It also includes the error correction technology with customized error recovery controls.

These NAS drives are prepared with 64MB of cache and a SATA 6Gbps interface. It gives the maximum maintained transfer rate i.e. 159MB/s on 2TB model while 180MB/s on 3TB and 4TB models.

Seagate claims that the drive has been vigorously checked by the NAS manufacturers and it has received positive comments.

We still don’t have clue about the pricing but through sources we got to know it will have a competitive price and will be sold not only by Seagate distributors but also online retailers.

Source: Seagate | News Archive