Google Glass Teardown Reveals What’s Inside

Star Simpson and Scott Torborg of have done a very thorough teardown of the Google Glass Explorer kit to see what was inside this device everyone seems to be marveling over. The wearable piece of technology did take some time do disassemble (the walk-through is 45 minutes long) and the guys managed to put it back together and get it working again without much trouble. Read on to see what’s inside.

Google Glass Teardown

Inside there is lots to see, but some of the more interesting things are the display which is extremely small and still have a resolution of 640×360. Also inside is a non-replaceable 570 mAh (2.1 Wh) single-cell Li-Po (lithium polymer) battery. Check out the full tear down in the photos below and check out the source link.

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Source: CatWig | News Archive

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