Lian Li Is Working On A New PC-V3000 Case

Some Lian Li cases are pretty iconic. The PC-V series for us has been some of our favorite, especially the PC-V1000 and PC-V2000. Well at CES this year Lian Li was showing off the PC-V3000. Just like its predecessors the PC-V3000 is a massive case and perfect for that extreme build!

Besides being a massive case Lian Li is going for a more modern look with the PC-V3000 and you can see that with its design. For those wondering like most high-end Lian Li cases the PC-V3000 is made of all aluminum. The main side panel has a massive window that will show off your components inside.

Lian Li PC-V3000 Case

The side panel comes off using a unique mechanism so there are not any screws or anything like that. With the side panel removed there is quite a lot of room inside. We were not given exact specifications, but since we see eight expansion slots we assume this case will be able to handle XL-ATX and E-ATX motherboards. There are four hard drive bays, which support 2 drives each. These bays are completely removable from the case to make room for water cooling equipment. We actually spotted a pump mount below the bottom bay. There is a single 5.25-inch drive bay and there is room for 360 mm radiators at the top, 240 mm radiators at the from and 480 mm radiators at the bottom of the case.

Lian Li PC-V3000 Case

The back side panel of the case comes off just like the main side panel. With it removed we can see a hard drive cage at the bottom of the case which supports three more hard drives. There is also another bracket on the backside of the motherboard tray that supports two 2.5-inch drives. You can also see all the thumbscrews that hold the trays on the opposite side on. This means they will be very easy to remove.

Lian Li PC-V3000 Case

At the top of the case is an I/O panel that has USB 3.0 Type-C and a single USB 3.0 Type-A port as well as audio connections. There is a window on the top of the case to show off your top fans. Of course ventilation for the top is on each side. No word yet on pricing on availability.

Lian Li PC-V3000 Case

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