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Lian Li PC-V3000 Case
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Lian Li Is Working On A New PC-V3000 Case

Some Lian Li cases are pretty iconic. The PC-V series for us has been some of our favorite, especially the PC-V1000 and PC-V2000. Well at CES this year Lian Li was showing off the PC-V3000. Just like its predecessors the PC-V3000 is a massive case and perfect for that extreme build!

Lian Li PC-V3000
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Lian Li’s Upcoming PC-V3000 Chassis Pictured

Here are some of the first photos of Lian Li's upcoming PC-V3000 chassis, which will becoming the company's flagship chassis. This chassis will be made of the signature Lian Li aluminum, which we know so many of their cases for. You will have a dark bushed aluminum exterior, with a silver aluminum interior. Lian Li released photos of the prototype of the case, with final photos coming later in the year.

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