Lian Li PC-K6S Case Review

Final Thoughts
Silent PC cases definitely have their place in the PC industry. But for builders and enthusiasts they also want a silent case that offers ample cooling, easily installation, and can support the latest gear. I think that Lian Li accomplishes that with the PC-K6S and does so with the quality and craftsmanship we know them for.

Starting with this being a silent case Lian Li has outfitted the top, front, and both side panels with sound dampening material. This does a great job really keeping your system quite and when we had our system on we could barely tell at all! There are also rubber washers on the hard drive trays to keep the vibration from your hard drives down. The only thing that is really missing is they could have included I vibration lining for the power supply.

When it comes to cooling this case come with three included 120 mm fans (2 front, 1 rear) and room for two more up top (120 mm or 140 mm). You can also fit a 240 mm radiator at the front and and a 280 mm radiator up top. While not the most extensive cooling, it is more than adequate.

This case is a breeze to build in, I did not run into a single issue during my installation. On top of that it was an easy installation and I could route all of my cables behind the motherboard tray. With all my components installed I had an extremely clean build thanks to the shrouds covering up the hard drive cage and the power supply. It is pretty much impossible to have an ugly build using this case!

The only thing really missing from this case is there is not much modularity. Say I wanted to maybe move the hard drive trays to the 5.25-inch bays or even down below by the power supply to make room for a thicker radiator up front or other water cooling components I can’t. A little more freedom to operate would be nice, but we really don’t know Lian Li for that.

At the end of the day this is a great case that gives you silence, a clean build, and is easy to build inside. Right now you can pickup the PC-K6S online for only $120. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Lian Li PC-K6S Case a 9 out of 10 score.

Award 9 out of 10

– Great build quality
– Clean design in and out
– Great sound dampening properties
– Price
– Easy to build in

– Not very modular

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