In Win 805 Infinity Case Review

In Win’s 805 was already a great case with its aluminum design, tempered glass side panels, and elegant look. In Win was not done with the 805 however, they wanted to add something very unique to it. That something came in the form of an infinity mirror on the front of the case teamed with a RGB LED strip and a second RGB strip for you to install in the case itself. This addition really made this case unique and something that will definitely catch some attention at your next LAN event or when someone walks in your room. So today we are checking out In Win’s 805 Infinity Mid Tower and we’ll let you know just how awesome the infinity mirror is and if this case is worth using for your next build!

Special thanks to In Win for providing the 805 Infinity Case to review.


The 805i comes in a pretty large retail box. It has the In Win logos on the top and the 805 logos on the side.


On one side of the box you have a list of features and on the other you have a full list of specifications.

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Opening the box up we can see that the case is very well protected as it is completed covered and there are large Styrofoam insert on both sides. Remember this case three glass panels so keeping them safe during delivery is very important. In inside the box you’ll also find a box of accessories which includes all of your mounting hardware, RGB LED strip, RGB controller, cable ties, cable organizers, and instructions.

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