Tesoro Tuned In-Ear Pro Headphones Review

Face it, you need a pair of earbuds. Whether you are traveling, are on the go, or at the gym earbuds are the way to go. There are literally thousands of earbuds to choose from, but Tesoro has a new pair that really have great features that make them very convenient to use and they sound pretty good as well. I am talking about the new In-Ear Pro headphones which feature a metal earbud housing, 9.2mm dynamic drivers, a flat cable design, and much more. These headphone won’t break the bank either as they are priced at $34.99! Read on as we take a look…

Special thanks to Tesoro for providing us with the Tuned In-Ear Pro Headphones to review.


Tesoro’s Tuned In-Ear Pro headphones come in a nice retail package. On the front you have a photo of the headphones and some of the main features are listed. On the back even more details are listed and it lets us know these headphones are compatible with mobile devices, PC and Mac.

Tesoro Tuned In-Ear Pro Headphones Tesoro Tuned In-Ear Pro Headphones

The front of the retail box sort of opens like a book. Here you can get a better look at the headphones, carrying case, and there is even more information.

Tesoro Tuned In-Ear Pro Headphones

Getting everything out of the packaging we have the Tuned In-Ear Pro headphones, an adapter cable for PC (headphone and microphone outputs), two extra sets of ear tips, carrying case, and a quick start guide. The carrying case is actually pretty nice, not like those little pouches we see with other earbuds. Inside you have more than enough room for everything that comes with these headphones.

Tesoro Tuned In-Ear Pro Headphones

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