Lian Li Shows Off New Cases At CES 2019

Upon stepping into the Lian Li suite at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for CES 2019 we immediately recognized the famous overclocker Der8auer, who ended up being our guide through some of the latest offerings from the premium case maker. This was a great way to start our visit, and we quickly jumped into the latest case offerings.

First up we saw the DK-04-F, an updated version of Lian Li’s DK-04.


This version of the case allows you to frost the glass top with a remote control, obscuring the view of the components below. This is a really neat feature that adds a bit of mystique to the desk. In darkly lit settings, any RGB or other illumination from components within the desk would normally be quite visible to you, possibly causing a bit of a distraction.

With the touch of a button, the panel becomes frosted, dimming the lights below and making for a much more toned down look.

DSC06910 DSC06913

Next up were two versions of the 011 Dynamic. The first was a Razer infused edition with 70 integrated RGB LEDs that are compatible with Synapse 3, and a Razer logo on the front tempered glass panel. Lian Li and Razer have even teamed up to make sure that the USB ports at the front of the case are the familiar Razer green color. This is a cool touch that was definitely lost on us. We expect to see a $40 premium for this version of the case.

DSC06920 DSC06921

The second version was the 011-WGX ROG Certified V2, a slightly wider model that features room for 360mm radiators in all three locations, something that was a bit tight in the original version. A tool less design on all sides makes getting into the case a breeze, and removable fan brackets simplify radiator and fan installations. With a $199 price, this version of the 011 sits a bit higher up in the stack, but offers a great base to work from.


Moving on, we also saw a really cool mini-ITX case, the TU150. The really great feature of this case is the integrated handled on the top that folds down into the case for easy transport and sleekness. A tempered glass side panel shows off your ability to fit a powerful group of hardware inside, including 175mm CPU coolers, and we think this would be a great option for gamers heading to LAN parties.