Light Your Way With The Best Navigation Apps

Back in the day navigating your way through an area was a tedious task. Whipping out your guidebook, with a handy built in map of the area you’re all too eager to see, you pause and begin to unfold the map.

Flapping about in the wind, you begin feeling the frustration build as you seek out that beacon of hope, which is your location.

If you didn’t know any one particular area well enough or which road to take your hand fumbles about with ruler and pencil and you used to have to plot your route manually.

Today we face a completely different scenario; technology has made life simple in every way- from gaming to communicating and finding your way around the world. Your smart phone usually comes preloaded with navigational software. You can use your mobile device for any route around the world as it constantly updates world maps through the Internet connection.

Pre-installed smart phone navigational software is an adequate GPS that will get you from A to B comfortably. If you’re looking to go above and beyond your standard GPS features then you will love the following Android based GPS apps that will light your way, even in the darkest of times.

A GPS For Trail Blazers

If you’re big into hiking then you must have BackCountry Navigator. It’s the perfect Android hiking app and allows users to go trailblazing into the unknown, securely guiding you to your destination in rich and immersive topographical maps.

The app has been designed specifically with hikers in mind and features an assortment of offline topographical maps, which is perfect for the beaten path where there is little to no mobile service.

All In One GPS

There aren’t too many serious competitors when it comes to Google Maps, but HERE WeGo is an app changing the GPS world.

HERE WeGo is a nifty GPS navigation app that allows users to access world maps on the go.

You can use it in any area, check out traffic reports and even download maps for offline use, perfect for roaming travellers who don’t want to access their data.

Just GPS With MapFactor

If you’re looking for simplistic navigation and GPS features then MapFactor is a winner. The app uses OpenStreetMap, which means users get free offline maps that are updated monthly. You can find a CAD casino with ease, locate a friend’s house or find a store or business all in a matter of minutes.

MapFactor is also loaded with nifty features including but not limited to 2D/3D modes, day and night themes, voice directions, cross-border routing, global map support and more.

Stay On Top With Google

There’s one constant top dog in the world of GPS apps for Android. Google Maps is the most reliable and steady GPS app available for Android. It is loaded with a host of nifty features and does everything a modern smart phone GPS should.

Google Maps goes beyond standard GPS, it gives you turn for turn directions, live traffic updates, public transportation schedule information and it offers users information on every business and their location, making it a technologically forward thinking GPS app available for both iOS Android devices.

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