Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand and Keyboard Review

Getting everything setup on the Alto is pretty simple. You can go ahead and plug in the power and set your laptop on it. Then go ahead and plug the USB cable into your laptop and you are good to go. You will not need to install any software to use the Alto keyboard, it will work right off the bat. Since Geeks has included the V220 mouse you will need to plug the USB receiver for it and install the SetPoint software, which is not included, but you can download it from Logitech’s website.

Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand and Keyboard Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand and Keyboard

Using the keyboard and mouse was very enjoyable and comfortable. Having a full keyboard is a definite plus when using my Dell XPS M1210, which has a bit of a smaller keyboard than normal. Also all of the shortcut keys make things a lot easier. I always suggest having a regular mouse if you are using your laptop as a desktop replacement. The V220 makes things a lot easier and is small enough that it is easy to take with you.

I like how the Alto angles your laptop and lifts it off the ground. Using when using a laptop at a desk you tend to look down at the screen. This can cause your neck to hurt and usually is very uncomfortable after a while. Using the Alto the screen is at eye level so you do not have to look down, which makes it more like using a regular monitor.

Final Thoughts
I think that if you are using your laptop as a desktop replacement then the Alto is something you should really look at. It not only provides a stand so you have a good viewing angle at your laptop’s screen it also give you the addition of a full-sized keyboard. Also inside of the stand you get 2 more USB ports, which is always a plus to have. Geeks.com threw in the V220 optical mouse which really completes the set giving you a mouse to use while your notebook is up on the stand.

What’s also good is that the stand is collapsible, which means you can easily take it with you from place to place. I will definitely be taking it with me to CES in January. I wish that there was some sort of carrying case though. The V220 is the perfect mouse for traveling also, it is small and the USB receiver snaps on to the bottom so you won’t lose it.

Geeks.com is selling the entire set the Alto stand, keyboard and V220 mouse for $48.99 refurbished. That really is a great deal when the Alto stand and keyboard sell for $80 brand new. The only difference between this refurbished set is that there were no manuals or batteries included, which really is not that big of a deal. Overall ThinkComputers give the Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand and Keyboard a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Geeks.com price
– Makes your notebook level with eyes
– Adds 2 more USB ports
– Decent keyboard included

– No batteries or manual included
– No angle adjustment on the stand

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