Logitech’s Latest Ergonomic Keyboard Leaks Ahead of Launch

Logitech is preparing to launch a new ergonomic keyboard known as “Wave Keys,” as revealed in product images shared by WinFuture. This keyboard features a distinctive wave-shaped and slightly curved design, differing from the existing Logitech Wave keyboard.


Notably, it relocates the arrow keys beneath the right shift key and shifts the keys typically found above the arrow keys on a full-size keyboard to the same row as the function keys, prioritizing the print screen, scroll lock, and pause keys.


The function keys now have dual functionality alongside various media keys and other features. Additionally, the Wave Keys keyboard is designed to be compatible with Apple devices, meaning that the Ctrl, Alt, and Windows keys function as Cmd and Opt keys commonly found on Apple keyboards.


The keyboard’s standout feature is its generously-sized, integrated palm rest, which appears soft and cushioned but may accumulate dirt and grime over time. The Wave Keys keyboard offers support for both Bluetooth and Logitech’s proprietary wireless connectivity, boasting a claimed battery life of up to three years. It is set to be released later this week in the Eurozone at a price of €99.99.


Via WinFuture