Lowepro Outback 100 Camera Bag Review

Well I do not have 2 lenses for my D-SLR camera so I thought for a second I can still use these lens pouches for other items too. So I packed the Outback 100 with my D-SLR camera, digital camcorder, battery charger, iPod, and memory card. Everything fit nicely inside the Outback 100, I have the battery grip and my camera still fit nicely inside the main compartment. Also my digital camcorder fits almost perfectly inside one of the lens pouches.

Lowepro Outback 100 Camera Bag Lowepro Outback 100 Camera Bag

Putting the Outback 100 on is pretty simple. There is a strap on the back the wraps around your waist just like a belt and you just clip it to lock it into place. You can have the Outback 100 positioned on your side, front, or back, whichever ways suits you really. With the bag on my side I was easily able to get into it without having to take the bag off, which is a plus.

Lowepro Outback 100 Camera Bag Lowepro Outback 100 Camera Bag Lowepro Outback 100 Camera Bag

Final Thoughts
I really was not that into this bag when I first saw it. I’m not sure why, maybe because it was modular and not just 1 bag. Then when I actually loaded the bag up and put it on my mind totally changed. When it comes to D-SLR bags I am used to backpacks and shoulder bags so it is nice to have that freedom of not having a shoulder strap or bag on my back. This is really one of the most comfortable camera bags that I’ve used.

Besides being comfortable the Outback 100 does provide you enough room for 1 camera with lens attached, 2 extra lenses and some accessories. That is sure a lot for such a small bag like this. If you need more room Lowepro does offer an Outback 200 and 300 which offer larger storage capacities.

The Outback 100 can be found online for around $50, which is $20-30 less than other bags that offer less storage capacity. I honestly couldn’t find a single thing wrong with the Outback 100. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Lowepro Outback 100 a perfect 10 out of 10 score!

VERY comfortable
Fits quite a lot for such a small size
Can be used with any SlipLock product

None that I found

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