M1 MacBook Pro Is Faster Than a 2019 iMac Pro With Vega 56 GPU

Customers have finally started to receive their M1 Macs, and they have immediately started to use several benchmarking tools. The M1 MacBook Pro is quite a beast and the Cinebench R23 shows that it beats the 2019 iMac Pro in two video export tests while running Final Cut Pro X. You should consider the fact that the 2019 iMac Pro features an Intel Xeon workstation CPU, 128GB RAM, and an AMD Radeon Vega 56 GPU.

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An Australia-based photographer compared the 2019 iMac Pro and the M1 MacBook Pro and posted the comparison results on Weibo. The results were quite astonishing because the M1 Mac-only features 8GB of the unified RAM chip. Below are the Final Cut Pro X test results for a single export of the H.264 Sony 10-bit clip.

M1 MacBook Pro
10 minutes and 20 seconds

2019 iMac Pro
11 minutes and 30 seconds

In case you weren’t impressed by these scores, you will be shocked by the fact that the M1 MacBook Pro is faster than the 2019 iMac Pro when exporting a single H.265 Canon 10-bit clip recorded at 100FPS. The iMac Pro took 80 seconds, while the M1 MacBook Pro did the job in 45 seconds.

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The 8-core GPU of the M1 maintains its performance without any dedicated GPU. Not only this, but it also beats the GTX 1050 Ti and the RX 560 in a series of graphics-based tests in GFXBench 5.0. In the previous leaked tests, the M1 MacBook Pro outperformed the 2019 iMac Pro in the single-core test by a margin of 8.5%.

Via Macrumors