Mad Catz Ships R.A.T.M Gaming Mouse

Here we bring our gaming lovers the new interactive R.A.T.M gaming mouse news. Just the right thing our gamers need to have their hands onto. The good news is Mad Catz interactive has officially announced the shipping of the R.A.T.M gaming mouse. It is actually the first mouse which has a fusion of both Bluetooth technology and a gaming grade laser sensor. The purpose is to provide the customers with a long battery life, widespread compatibility and of course last but not the least the outstanding performance expected from a R.A.T gaming mouse.

ratm 1

You would be keen to know that this mouse can deliver a battery life as long as one year or may be more. Its great advantage is that its compatible with a large number of PC’s and MAC. Moreover can be used with our next generation TV’s , smart phones and tablets. Isn’t that interesting? Another added feature is the devices which do not support Bluetooth smart mouse , the R.A.T.M comes with an assembled nano dongle.. the purpose of this dongle is that the systems running Windows 8 with built in Bluetooth support , this R.A.T.M can be connected directly. This gadget has an adjustable palm rest, consists of 12 buttons out of which 10 are programmable and a power adequate twin eye laser sensor.

ratm 2

It is a windows and MAC friendly device which is compatible with all sort of programming blending and commands without taking time thus making it user friendly at the same time too. We believe this product will give our passionate gamers a new dimension to gaming. Its available in four attractive colors. Matte black, gloss black, gloss white and gloss red.

Source: Mad Catz | News Archive