Maingear And Gigabyte Teams Up For A Clever Solution To Messy Cables

When it comes to creating a flawless PC, a lot of effort goes into the whole process to ensure top notch quality. Apart from ensuring the outside looks perfectly aesthetic, you have to carefully map the insides of the machine as well. There is a ton of wiring to be taken care of along with many other similar issues. However, there seems to be an easier way out of this long and tedious process. Project Stealth by Maingear and Gigabyte might have the perfect solution for this; they claim that they have a genius solution to work your way around cable management. All you have to do for this is relocate the connectors to the back of the GPU and motherboard.

Gigabyte RTX 3070

Honestly, we are quite excited to see how this has turned out. When the project initially started, it did seem to be skeptical and there were many reservations, however, now it has reached fruition. Gigabyte’s Aorus division in France had tweeted a render of Project Stealth back in December and if we remember correctly, it caused quite a bit of a stir back then. The idea seems to be very innovative and new to the market, but it has been over a decade since Maingear patented it. Since then it had shopped the idea to many PC manufacturers, one of them being Gigabyte.

Months later now the Project Stealth has finally come to fruition and is now an actual product.

In its latest press release, Maingear says that “Utilizing Maingear’s revolutionary patent, Gigabyte’s Project Stealth moves all of the cable connectors to the back of the motherboard for simplified setup. This includes ports for ATX power, CPU power, fans, USB, audio, front panel, and more.”

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The “Stealth Gaming Desktop” by Maingear will come in multiple options of 12th Gen Intel processors including the Core i9-12900KS and 12900K, Core i7-12700K, Core i5-12600K, and Core i5-12400F. There might be more variations to this later on maybe with AMD hardware but that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.