MakerBot To Launch Desktop 3D Scanner

3D printing has been quite some phenomenon and has been in the light of discussions ever since the brilliant idea popped up but in the ever changing world of technology, the focus can never remain to be on one particular occurrence; there are so many innovations every now and then and the technology paces forward with the speed of light and its always time to move on to the next big thing. This next big thing is certainly going to be 3D scanning. We all had heard of the infamous concept of 3D printing and now it’s time to put the technological advancements to the next level.


The Digitizer Desktop 3D scanner will soon be launched into the markets by MakerBot and 3D scanning would no longer merely be a thought or an idea; it will finally be the reality. The UK retailer Dynamism will be the first to which the scanner will be headed and it will be available for a price of £1,190.

But for this concept to be out to reality and in working mode, the scanner also requires the use of a 3D printer. This is because the scanner will work in such a way that it will scan the objects in 3D form and the file created out of this will be read by the 3D printer. If you want to purchase the two of these in a combo, you will be spending round about £1500 – £2000. Users will be allowed to make copies and digitize these objects for editing using the computer. The scanner is going to scan the 3D objects with the aid of two lasers and a camera.

Source: PocketLint | News Archive