Man Buys PS4 from Walmart, Gets Bags of Rocks Instead

When I read that headline this morning I thought to myself, “This cannot be true!”, but it really is! A man from Denver purchased a PlayStation 4 from his local Walmart and was completely shocked upon opening up the box that the console was replaced with two taped-up bags of rocks.

Man Buys PS4 from Walmart, Gets Bags of Rocks Instead

Igor Baksht had bought what he thought was a PlayStation 4 as a present for his niece from Walmart. The Walmart clerk did inform Igor that he was buying a returned item, but he did not check to contents until he returned home. Once home he opened the box the make sure everything was there and to his surprise the box did not contain a PlayStation 4, but two bags of taped-up rocks!

Igor went to take what he received back to Walmart and you could guess how that went. He was told there was nothing that could be done. Finally after pursing the issue and calling Walmart’s corporate offices Igor was called by that Walmart and was told he could get his money back.

So how could this happen at Walmart? Here are two conclusions that we have come up with. The original person who traded in the PlayStation 4 console actually returned a box with two bags of rocks inside and a Walmart employee did not even check what was inside before doing the return. Or a Walmart employee thought he could pull a fast and stole the Playstation 4 and replaced it with the bags of rocks thinking no one will know.

At the end of the day we are glad Igor got his money back.

Source: Kotaku via eTeknix | News Archive

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