Many mobile gaming trends are set to change the landscape

Mobile Gaming Trends That Will Change the Industry Landscape
Mobile gaming has shaken up the industry, and the incredibly quick developments of what are essentially pocket-sized computers these days has radically altered the gaming sector’s landscape, opening, in the process, endless possibilities for the kinds of players who are always on the go.

There are a number of reports which suggest that mobile gaming is set to become the most profitable segment of the global gaming industry and that the year 2020 could well see it generating as much as half of worldwide gaming revenue. The following trends are the main indicators of the changes likely to be seen in this sector:

  1. The Elevation of the Asian Markets

As far as mobile gaming is concerned, the Asian countries have always led the world in terms of innovation. Japan and China are already attempting to expand into the western markets and vice versa.

  1. A Deeper Level of Social Engagement

Players between the ages of 15- and 25-years, known as the Snapchat generation, are also set to become more socially engaged with gaming applications. The next big boom is certainly going to be player versus player entertainment.

  1. The Domination of Hybrid games

What the mobile gaming sector is currently missing is a category of hybrid games which allow players to not only play the game, but watch someone else do so too. Once these hybrid games become a more developed niche, those who engage in mobile streaming will be able to generate revenue for the companies involved by the possibility of spectators trying the game as well. If you could watch someone play and win at a CAD casino, for example, wouldn’t you be more likely to take part?

  1. Games Created Exclusively for the Mobile Market

There are expectations that more games will be developed with a totally mobile focus: they will not only look totally different to their PC and console counterparts, but incomplete translations will no longer negatively affect the playing experience.

  1. An Increased Brand Awareness for Mobile Entertainment

The only really recognisable mobile gaming brands are Supercell and King and Pokémon Go, with the rest being very weak in terms of brand recognition. The substantial expansion of this sector, however, will see companies adapting to emerging market conditions and beginning to offer their clients higher-quality mobile options.

Game pioneers like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Nexo are likely to start taking actions towards fortifying their spots in the mobile gaming segment, and the influences of celebrity endorsements and social media marketing strategies are likely to extend beyond the more traditional avenues of advertising.

The Future of Mobile Gaming

As we look ahead, the overall quality of mobile entertainment will undergo considerable improvement, and market analysts have anticipated that this industry is set to change how gaming is perceived as a result.

Companies are likely to consider investing more money in social, 3D and real world gaming, as well as focus more on developing games that are compatible with a wider range of devices.

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