Marketing Electronics to Millennials for the Holidays

Online marketers are constantly trying to find new ways to appeal to Millennial consumers. This is because Gen Y represents a highly lucrative market when it comes to ecommerce, as they are more comfortable shopping online than other segments of the population and thus do more of it. In fact, the Millennial market is a huge opportunity for brands successfully tapping into its psyche. Here’s how you can market and sell electronics to Millennials this holiday season.


Have Environmentally Responsible Products

Electronics aren’t necessarily known for being good for the environment. While this isn’t going to stop many people from purchasing a smartphone, it can cause some individuals to avoid certain products. Millennials, more than any other group, care about sustainable goods. In fact, a Nielsen study showed some 75 percent of Millennials are willing to pay extra for sustainable products. Touting the environmentally friendly nature of your inventory will make you stand out in the world of electronics, attracting Millennial shoppers to your holiday sales.

Work with Well-Suited Influencers

If you want to sell electronics, you will need to come up with a killer marketing strategy. One of the most effective ways brands are reaching consumers is through influencer marketing. Influencers are people who have an online following. Consumers have demonstrated themselves to be much more trusting of influencers than brands. To find the people, you can search through hashtags on sites like Instagram to see who’s posting about things in your market. There are also a number of sites to help connect influencers with brands. When choosing one of these people, rather than focusing on the sheer volume of followers they have, look at how many of those followers actually engage with the influencer by commenting on posts and the like.

Make Sure Your Social Media is On-Point

Your social media channels should be updated regularly with content related to upcoming holiday sales. Try to make your posts as visually appealing as possible. A strong social media presence will give you better brand recognition among Millennial consumers. You will also have a direct link to your most loyal customers, where you can let them know exactly what deals you will be offering for the holiday season.

Don’t Skimp on Website Design

It is very difficult to overstate the importance of user experience in ecommerce. The layout, design and functionality of your website will play a huge role in a shopper’s willingness to spend money at your online store. Gen-Y customers will especially be accustomed to a stellar user experience. This makes it critical to ensure your website is well designed, logically organized and above all—professional looking. Loading times are also important to keeping people on your site as people will abandon slow sites.

Don’t Fake It

It’s hard to convince Millennials to buy products because they are aware ads exist purely to persuade them. They also distrust brands, which can be a difficulty when selling good such as electronics. In all of your messaging, it is important to find a voice capable of communicating with Millennial audiences in a real way. This might require you to hire someone to manage your social media channels. In order to engage Millennials, you have to keep it 100. Otherwise, they’ll simply buy from someone who does.

While marketing electronics to Millennials for the holidays can be a challenge, these tips will give you a solid start. The savviest generation of consumers ever, winning their loyalty is truly a badge of honor.

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