LG, Panasonic, VIA, and Foxconn Ignite Consumers with Firefox OS

We touched base with the Firefox OS team at Digital Experience and got some of the latest developments in the fledgling operating system that combines a Linux kernel with a Gecko-based user experience.

The LG Fireweb was recently launched in Brazil, which takes Firefox OS’s deployment to three devices in fourteen markets, primarily in the rapidly growing South American cellular market. The LG Fireweb joins the ZTE Open and the Alcatel OneTouch Fire. The Fireweb sports a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 320×480 resolution screen, and GSM compatibility.

Firefox OS phones

The Mozilla team showed off the APC Paper, a paperback-sized Firefox OS computer that has a paper case, and APC Rock, the mainboard inside the APC Paper, available as a separate component. They feature a VIA ARM Cortex-A9 800 Mhz processor with 512 MB of RAM with a 4 GB NAND flash for the ROM. It outputs to HDMI at 720p and has two USB2 ports for expansion, as well as supporting the microUSB OTG specification, standard audio, and microSD. Both are available now for $99 for Paper and $59 for Rock. The idea for Paper is to have a computer that simply blends in on the shelf.

VIA Paper and Rock with Firefox OS

Foxconn and Mozilla are partnering to launch a tablet, but no release date or pricing is available. The device is still early in development and will likely undergo several revisions before seeing the light of day.

Additionally, Mozilla and Panasonic are planning a television that will be running Firefox OS as its primary operating system, further blurring the lines between computer and display.


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