FINsix Shrinks Laptop Power Bricks To Pocket-Size

Lugging around a laptop’s power supply can be a chore. FINsix aims to shrink laptop power supplies across the board into something you can easily carry in your pocket while still delivering the same power output.

FINsix Power Adapters Arrangement

To see why FINsix is revolutionary, we have to look at how power adapters work. Your current power adapter takes ‘packets’ of energy, stores them, converts them for the output device, outputs the energy and then repeats the process. We can call this process one cycle. A research project at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that power can by cycled 1,000 times faster than current power adapters, without additional energy being wasted. Since power can be cycled more quickly, the packets of energy don’t have to be stored as long, meaning smaller components can be used to store the packets, thus FINsix adapter’s pocket-size. All of FINsix’s adapters provide equal power output to their larger cousins. Meaning the FINsix’s MacBook Pro charger will still output 60 watts, and they will have a full suite of adapter for PC laptops too.

FINsix MacBook Pro Charger - Closeup

FINsix estimates pricing will be about $90 for the MacBook Pro adapter, which is equal to the official Apple adapter. If you want to get your hands on one of these pocket-sized adapters, keep an eye on Kickstarter or Indiegogo this March. FINsix is going to start with a crowdfunding campaign, so show them you’re interested!


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