Wicked Audio Enhanced By Bongiovi DPS

Headphones have been around for almost ever, but over the last 3 – 5 years, a premium headphone market emerged. It seemed like every musician had their own pair of headphones, with each being tuned to that particular musician’s ear. Fast forward to today, and there’s only a few key players left, one of them being Wicked Audio. Wicked Audio has teamed up with Bongiovi Acoustics for Bongiovi to create a custom listening profile for a select number Wicked’s products.

Wicked Audio Headset

At CES 2014, Wicked Audio demoed the technology, and the results seem promising. The team at Wicked Audio allowed us to hang out at their booth and listen to a variety of music for about 30 minutes. The show floor at CES is very loud, there’s thousands of people, music being blasted from nearby booths, presentations occurring, and who knows what else, but enabling Bongiovi’s Digital Power Station (DPS) allowed music to clearly flow through the Wicked headphones. Once Bongiovi’s DPS was enabled, it seemed there was an overall volume boost along with balancing of hi, mid, and low frequencies. Wicked Audio said the reason why Bongiovi’s DPS allowed for such a change in sound quality is because Bongiovi Acoustics created a custom profile specifically for the headphones we were listening to. Furthermore, any Wicked Audio product that will feature Bongiovi’s DPS will also have a custom profile, so there’s no cut and paste job going on here.

Wicked Audio’s Revolt with built-in Bongiovi Acoustics DPS will be available in 2 – 3 months for $199.

Wicked Audio Earcup


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