Marketing trends you should be aware in 2021

Internet marketing is very important in 2021. Pandemic has been hard for every business but now they know that the digital world is growing very fast! Today we will share with you online marketing tips that you can use on a daily basis.

Video content

The competition is growing. Everyone has already learned how to write texts, make illustrations and infographics. Video content is a more difficult stage, and not everyone is ready to invest time and money in filming yet. Of course, we don’t count video bloggers and gamers.

Those entrepreneurs who start filming videos now will ultimately benefit. For example, you have a massage parlor. You can, of course, write a text about how well you massage, and what kind of professionals work for you. But it is better to watch a video where you will show: what your studio looks like, what is the atmosphere there, how massage therapists work. Even 30 seconds of video can contain more information than standard text.

Plus, video content is good for SEO. We have noticed more than once that in the subject of our projects, on the first page of the issue there are resources with videos. Sometimes it’s even two videos per page.

Audio content

Audio has already become a part of our life. Podcasts are gaining momentum more and more, people have begun to communicate more using voice messages. New social networks appear in audio format. For example, Clubhouse, which some bloggers have already learned to monetize. Moderation of the conversation, active communication in the room – all this has already appeared in their advertising price list.

Many major media outlets, such as Forbes, RBC and many others, have begun posting audio versions of their materials. This format is not yet widely used in business promotion. Therefore, you have a chance to become one of the first in your niche. On the other hand, you can focus on SoundCloud and Spotify. Buy SoundCloud plays from the trusted source and get big results.

User Generated Content

This kind of content costs companies almost nothing. But it helps to promote products and perfectly raises brand loyalty. For example, one of the marketplaces gives its customers a discount in exchange for a story about a purchased product. A person needs to share his impressions, take photos, maybe even shoot a video. For this he will receive a discount on the next order. In addition to giving the company free content, this method also encourages repeat purchases. After all, you gave the person a discount, which means that he has the motivation to return to you again.

Another example is the Ostin store. Their website has a special section where they post photos of clients in their clothes. A person posts a photo on Instagram, puts a hashtag, and the company publishes this post on its site. Such live photographs show the real appearance of the goods much better than the polished shots with models. In addition, you can see how the clothes fit on different types of figures. Plus, posts with the hashtag are seen by friends and acquaintances of clients. Perhaps they will like something, and they will already know where to buy it.

The face of the brand

There used to be a lot of faceless companies. You could see their website, products, and advertisements. But you have not seen who is behind all this. Customers now want more openness. Show them your faces. And this is not only a photo of the CEO in a jacket on the main page of the site. Tell about the team, show their photos, congratulate employees on their birthday in your social media accounts. All of this affects customer loyalty.