VDownloader Online Video Downloader Software Review

If you’re like me and are looking for ways to save old Facebook videos or watch music videos from YouTube, you’ve probably sifted through dozens of online video downloader websites.

I came across VDownloader and felt like I finally found a solution that didn’t put my head into a spiral of popup windows and 404 errors. I’m going to take you into a review of my experience with VDownloader, and I guarantee you’ll want to give this free (yes, I said free!) software a try.


This software isn’t your typical video download software. It offers significantly more than what you usually find from some random internet search. There are three main categories for their features.

  1. Download and Convert
  2. Schedule and Automate
  3. Discover and Access

Download and Convert

First off, downloading videos doesn’t solely apply to YouTube when it comes to VDownloader. You can download videos from all mainstream video websites, including Vimeo, Twitch, Facebook, and Metacafe, to name a few. They actually support over 10,000 various hosting sites, so you’ll never be at a loss for download options.

You can also download videos of any size, length, and resolution, including 4k and 8k ultra high definition videos. Choose single videos, entire playlists, or even full channels worth of video content to watch offline. Once you have the video, you can convert it to any type of file type you need, such as turning your .mp4 to .mp3. Customize any footage with trimming and even add your own watermark if you want to.

Schedule and Automate

I love this feature of VDownloader because I’m not always great at remembering when my favorite YouTubers are posting content. Thankfully you can download and convert videos on a schedule, even while your computer is idle.

All you have to do is follow your top YouTube channels or keywords and VDownloader will automatically download videos when the user makes them public. Then you can sync all of your devices together through a third-party platform like iCloud or Google Drive. That way, if you are on the go and getting ready to take a work trip, you can catch up on the latest videos, even while on airplane mode.

Discover and Access

When searching for specific types of content, you don’t have to sift through multiple different websites. Do your original search through VDownloader, and it will look through all video-sharing websites for you at once.

Plus, it’ll keep track of any sites you visited or videos you downloaded so you’ll never forget about that one video you wanted to share with your mom again.

If you’re a traveler like me, you know that certain videos and channels are not permitted in various countries. VDownloader offers a free YouTube proxy so you can stream and download any video as if you are in another country that has the rights to stream it.

Pricing Breakdown

Most of the features listed above are absolutely free to use when you sign up for their basic plan. They do offer two other options in case you are looking to amplify your experience without ads or planning to use this software heavily with highest resolution downloads.

VDownloader offers a yearly subscription for $19.99, or you can make a one-time payment of $49.99 and the software is yours for life. Seems like a no-brainer if within three years your subscription will have paid for itself.

As of now, their website states that they “strive to make sure this software works perfectly on every PC with at least Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.12 Sierra.” So if that’s you, then you’re in luck.

Overall, the free version of VDownloader is absolutely worth taking a look into for your video downloading needs. I’d also recommend making the extra investment so you can take full advantage of everything they have to offer.