PC or Laptop for Casino Games?

The invention of gambling is at least several centuries old. Baccarat is reputed to be one of the oldest games in history as it dates back to the 1400s although the use of card games was estimated to have commenced in China as early as the 9th century AD. Over history, gambling has evolved from an exclusively physical activity to a more modern virtual or software based one. The digital age has optimized casino gaming from the conventional brick and mortar to a myriad of games that can be accessed via PC’s and Laptops. However, there is a difference between laptops and desktop computers when it comes to online gaming.

The decision between desktop and laptop is heavily influenced by the types of games you intend to play. Some of the factors listed below are more important to consider when playing video games that require advanced graphic cards but less important when looking for children’s games. Regardless of the type of game, the factors listed below are the most important to consider before purchasing a gaming computer.


While PCs are capable of most of the features and attributes that are available on Laptops, the mobility factor that comes with laptops makes it a compelling choice for gamers. An average laptop can fit into a bag and can perform similar functions as a desktop. In a fast-paced world where one can be required to travel at short notice for personal or official duties, the ability to carry about your gaming device helps to ensure you can enjoy the pleasures you are used to enjoying while at home. When it comes to portability the clear winner is a laptop.

Upgradeability and Customization

Desktops can be customized according to the preferences of the owner. The hardware of a desktop allows for customization than that of a laptop. Hence, the PC owner is at liberty to customize the desktop according to the function that wants it to perform e.g. gaming. The owner of a laptop on the other hand would have to purchase a device that comes preinstalled with their preferred components. When it comes to Upgradeability and Customization the clear winner is desktop.


The comparison of gaming desktops and laptops on the premise of pricing is a bit tricky as the hard and software components of the computers may vary and this could skew their pricing as well. However, considering that the engineering of laptops is a lot more complicated than desktops due to the need to compress the hardware’s as much as possible therefore making the parts so small, laptops tend to be cheaper. So if your decision will be based strictly on budget considerations then a gaming desktop is the better option.


The fact that desktops come with a bigger chassis and fan means it dissipates heat better than a laptop and also means it is likely more efficient than a laptop. When placed side by side, a high-end gaming desktop is more likely to outperform a high-end gaming laptop.

Best Gaming Desktop Computers

Based on the factors enumerated and discussed above, desktop computers are more suitable for gaming. Three great desktop computers for gaming are described below;

HP Omen Obelisk

HP Omen Obelisk comes infused with Intel Core i5-8400 – i5-9600K and is supported by Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti – RTX 2080Ti. It can take up to 64GB and the storage capacity can range from 1TB HDD – 1TB SSD, 3TB+3TB HDD.

Corsair One a100

This device may be denoted as tiny but compensates for what it lacks in size and functionality. It is designed with the MD Ryzen 9 3900X – 3950X and has NVIDIA GeForce RTX RTX 2080 Super – 2080 Ti. The RAM comes at a healthy 32GB DDR4-3200.

MSI Trident A Plus

The MSI Trident A Plus not only serves as a good gaming system but can undergo more rigorous computation and activities due to its high-end specification. The specification listed with this system is as follows; Intel Core i7 and a storage capacity of 512GB powered by 16GB RAM.

Conclusively, it is recommended that before deciding which gaming PC is best for you whether desktop or laptop, it is advisable that a suitable gaming computer should have about 512GB space and about 16GB of RAM. The choice of graphics processor also counts. AMD and Nvidia processors, hence it may be wise to go for computers with those processors. You may go for a higher spec if you have the required funds but it is best not to settle for a computer with a spec lower than this. Playing high capacity games on a PC with subpar features could damage the PC; hence it is advisable to go for a high capacity system to ensure durability and quality output.