Impressive Growth Of The EMEA Gaming PC Market In 2021

According to the latest IDC report, the gaming PC market will continue its growth in 2021 and will not be hampered by component shortages. This market data is based on strong growth through Europe but most surprising is the increase in the Middle East and North Africa region. Trends there are showing increased growth due to many factors.

pc gaming market 2021

Online Gaming Boosts The PC Market’s Growth

What generates the global demand for computers? That’s a good question. Much of the actual demand for computers comes from people who work from home. The recent pandemic contributed to the emergence of a new work approach and method, the so-called smart working. Those who have to work from home might not have the right tools to do it, that’s why they need to get a new computer.

But another source of demand for computers is the rise of the online gaming industry; the online gaming world is expanding quickly from occasional gamers to professional gamblers. In particular, certain regions offer highly favorable market conditions for the growth of the gaming PC segment.

The Middle East region counts some of the world’s most active gamers and gamblers. The lure of the casino environment, the opportunity to play and win real money games, and the several bonus offers seem hard to resist for millions of active gamblers. Moreover, the casino gaming segment is available not only for PC users but also for mobile gamblers, which means that casino sites boost the growth of both gaming PCs and mobile devices all at once.

Staying longer at home because of lockdowns makes people spend more time online, and the best way to enjoy online games is to have the right tools. Gamers with an old PC may want to update their device and buy one of the latest models of gaming PC. Sound quality and graphics are a significant part of the gaming experience.

Refreshing old hardware by getting a new PC is the best thing everyone could do, either for work or free-time gaming.

The Middle East Is A Top-Most Active Region In The Gaming Industry

As mentioned previously, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is gaining space in the global gaming industry. As a consequence, the sales of gaming PCs and hardware for gaming purposes is also increasing. What’s behind such flourishing market growth in the MENA countries?

One of the main factors that affect the growth of the computer market in the MENA region is that the countries are undertaking gaming-oriented policies. Encouragement of private investments in new hi-tech start-ups is now standing policy in much of the region. Other government-driven actions are launching new physical projects such as building venues for eSports tournaments and international gaming events. Saudi Arabia is a leader in the region for these types of policy, but it seems that more countries are moving towards gaming policy as well..

The Amazing Revenue Potential In MENA Countries

The increasing interest in the gaming industry from several MENA countries also reveals that these countries are moving their traditional position as oil-based economies. Whether they succeed in becoming a global center for hi-tech innovation may start with support for the burgeoning, eSports industry.

Saudi Arabia stands out in the Middle East region for its innovative ideas and the large investments in the gaming industry. Mr. Fagr Kassim Ali, Director of Shams Media Service, says, the country is involved in several creative sectors, of which eSports is one of the most promising in terms of market revenue. While seeking new opportunities to engage partnerships with solid-rooted companies, Shams’ market experts note that the MENA region offers a favorable revenue growth accounting for a large percentage of the global market of eSports.

The EMEA PC Market In Numbers

The growth of the online gaming industry and the emergence of smart working as a new employment opportunity strongly affect the market of PC hardware. The EMEA region accounts for the highest number of PC units sold in the second quarter of 2021. In particular, Lenovo can boast 5.71 million units in Europe and the Middle East, followed by HP with over 5.38 units. Dell is the third most successful PC and hardware brand with little less than 3 million sold units in the same period.

Our final consideration is that the commercial relationship between the PC market and the PC and hardware accessories is having one of its most favorable market periods thanks to the increase in sales in the PC market in the EMEA countries.