Mark’s CES 2014 Expectations

Incoming, it’s another year almost done and a new one about to start. That means the Consumer Electronic Show is almost upon us. Less than a month away and I’m really pumped for this year. This year we could see CES going completely crazy with new ideas and innovations. My expectations for this year are:

• New line of smart watches
• OLED Simulcast televisions
• Samsung’s rumored new Galaxy line including the S5
• NVIDIA’s new line
• And a bunch of awesome new computer parts

These are my main big expectations coming into CES.

CES 2014

Last year my favorite thing was the OLED simulcast televisions, where literally four people can watch something completely different full screen, I was completely mind blown. Basically I can play my PS4, someone else can play Xbox one, someone else watching the football game, and always someone else watching a soap opera show, all at the same time on the same television full screen for everyone.

Next up would be the new Samsung flagship products. I myself use the Samsung S4 and Galaxy Gear, so I’m really looking forward to what Samsung has to offer when it comes to hopefully the new rumored S5. I’m also hoping to hear Samsung will be releasing the SDK for all developers to start creating apps for the Gear.

NVIDIA has been on a role lately, especially with the new Shield launching. Gaming is always a billion dollar industry by far and when it comes to PC gaming NVidia is always ahead of the curve. I’m looking to hit that booth and see what NVidia is showcasing this year. Every year they have something up their belts, let’s hope it’s a new GFX card and something along the lines of sponsorships to eSports or something relating.

Like every year, we have endless meetings with top names like Gigabyte, ADATA, Intel, etc. Going to all these meetings will be awesome, sweet suites to chill in, talk all about the new products. The cool part is, while working with ThinkComputers, you get to get some awesome hands on experiences with the products, which is great because 2014 I plan on building a new rig for my home machine.

To wrap up, 2014 is going to be another big year if not bigger than the last. We have awesome plans, awesome meetings, awesome parties to attend, and we get to meetup with all our friends we talk to over the year and have drinks and catch up. 2014 CES with ThinkComputers will utterly be history within.