LG to Showcase new Windows 8 Devices at CES 2014

Now that CES is just around the corner, we are being flooded with many interesting releases. Now LG is looking forward to unveiling a few new devices which will be running on Windows 8. Some of these will include the Tab-Book 2 line which has a QWERTY keyboard veiled under the 11.6-inch screen, 13Z940 “ultra PC” laptop and a new 27-inch all-in-one.

LG_T5401 (1)

Two of the mobile devices have been designed based on the models which were introduced last year. The 13-inch is going to be coming at just 980g, 13.6 mm-thick and a thin 4.4mm bezel which is going to house the Haswell Core i5 CPU and SSD (128GB or 256GB). The Tab-Book 2 models has two new models which have been enhanced further with more style as they get thinner and slimmer. The high-end 11T740 model is merely 16.7mm thick and weighs 1.05kg compared to the earlier version’s 19.4mm and 1.23kg.


The 27-inch all-in-one which has been announced has not given away much details and we will just have to wait till we can get more on this one but we have LG’s word on some interesting piece of information. According to the manufacturer, this one can possibly go from being a PC to a TV and then back without having the need to be rebooted.